Monday, January 6, 2014

Muscle Monday: Start the New Year Off Right with Breakfast

TASTY EGG WHITE CUPS...quick, easy breakfast for folks on the go!  :)

It's rare we have time in the morning to cook up a nutritional here's an easy way to prep some ahead of time for the perfect grab-n-go! 

1. Finely chop some of your favorite veggies (bell peppers, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, kale...whatever suits your fancy). I added spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, jalepenos and red bell pepper here for mine. YUMMM!!!
2. Whip up some egg whites (2 per muffin) and add some herbs and salt-free seasoning (I also love to add a touch of hot sauce for some extra kick).
3. Spray muffin pan with non-stick cooking spray
4. Evenly spread veggies in muffin cups
5. Add about 1/3C (2 egg whites) to each cup or until filled to top
6. Bake at 350degrees Fahrenheit (or 170Celcius) for 20-25 minutes until set
7. That's it! Store in airtight container and grab 2 muffins for a quick, clean and nutritional breakfast!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Yogi Experiment!

Hi Everyone!  Kaley here, sorry I have been so out of touch lately.  Had a lot going on and a long family visit from the states, but I'm so happy to be back into the groove!  To celebrate my re-incarnation of normal life, I've decided to experiment with my training routine and add a little something special.  Now, I have never been a big practicer of yoga, but I have heard of the countless benefits and have always wanted to check it out first hand.  With that thought, I have decided to do a little experiment and share my personal journey and results with yoga.  I will be maintaining my typical weight training/cardio schedule, my only workout change will be an addition of yoga to my routine 5 days a week.  Beginning/ending body measurements will be taken, stretch depths will be measured and I will keep a daily journal.  I will be starting with a beginner's 30 minute vinyasa routine, and heading towards a 50 minute intermediate routine by goal's end.  December 19 will be my "graduation day" (6 full weeks), after which I will share my results...both mentally and physically.  I will check in occasionally with challenges I face, improvements, breakthroughs and overall experiences with this new addition.  It's so exciting to finally give this a go, and I can't wait to share the results!  If there is anyone else out there as curious about this practice as myself, would love to have you along for the journey!  Happy to share which workouts I am doing and changes being made, so we can try it together.  Just let us know if you'd like to come along!

Happy Holidays everybody!  Make good choices, but don't forget to enjoy yourself along the way.  Life is all about moderation.  :)


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rainy Day Training

It's a calm, quiet, rainy day here today in Germany, and here at Drop It Like A Squat we are all about modifying training to fit the mood or condition of the day. Today I decided to make a hot cup of Green Tea and complete a long yoga workout. Now, yoga has never really been my "thing" (I am not a patient OR calm person...ha), but after following through on my goal to incorporate it more, I am seeing a huge increase in my strength and flexibility after just a few weeks. If you don't want to invest money (like myself) into it quite yet, Youtube has tons of full workouts you can follow online. Yoga helps you to improve your breathing techniques, increases strength, balance and flexibility, and has countless other great benefits! Fits so perfectly with a drizzly day too. Now that I have sweat my toosh off with an incredible yoga session... time to shower, make another cup of Green Tea and watch a rainy day movie. Happy weekend, everybody!!!  :)